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Applying Interrogation Skills to
the Corporate Environment

Interrogators possess a wide variety of skills to accomplish the varied tasks to which they are assigned.  Interrogators receive rigorous training in the psychology required to “get someone to talk” and the body language required to verify whether the person is deceptive. Interrogators are also skilled in conflict resolution, persuasion and motivation.

Team Delta's  interrogators have extensive backgrounds in various missions. Our cadre has been assigned to all types of military units from combat line units to national level intelligence assets. Team Delta instructors possess qualifications in Psychology of Motivation, Anti-Terrorism, Principle Protection and Behavioral Symptom Analysis to name a few.

Among other traits, an interrogator is an adaptable interviewer. Interrogators are given little notice and short preparation time to learn enough about the person they are to interview and to then adapt a plan or approach. Such skills transfer readily to the civilian world and corporate life. Team Delta instructors have proven this with success in entrepreneurial roles and in corporate America. We will adapt these skills to fit a client's training program.

All corporate workshops are instructional followed by practical exercise. The style of these workshops is tailored to the client's objectives - everything from practical skill building to team building adventure training. For example, the focus of Mastering Hostile Negotiations may range from dealing with a difficult coworker to accomplishing a task through negotiating the release of a hostage.

Team Delta always customizes its workshops to fit a client's needs.

Team Delta Corporate Workshops:

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Rules for a Successful Meeting

  • Mastering Hostile Negotiations

  • Mastering Hostile Interview

  • Basic Body Language for Salesmen

  • To Tell the Truth

  • Know your Neighbors
  • Discovery as a Process
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