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As Real as it gets...

Team Delta has received world-wide press and media coverage.  Team Delta cadre have appeared as expert analysts on interrogation and fitness on many national and local television and radio news programs.

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Television British Channel 4 - Torture: Guantanamo Guidebook
History Channel -
We Can Make You Talk
ABC - Nightline with Ted Koppel
          Limits To Interrogation In Time Of War
NBC - NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw
CBS - CBS Evening News
CNN - Wolf Blitzer - Interrogating Saddam

CNN - In The Money - Interrogating Saddam
CNN -  Anderson Cooper
           Iraqi Prisoner Treatment
           Is Torture Ever Right?
CNN - Live From... - Iraqi Prisoner Treatment

CNN - Live Saturday - Effective Interrogation
CNN - International - Effective Interrogation
CNN - Headline News
CNN - Saturday Night - Principles of Interrogation

MSNBC - Abrams Report - Interrogation Techniques
MSNBC - MSNBC News Live - Iraqi Prisoner Treatment
MSNBC - Keith Olbemann - Psychology of Capture

CBC - Canada
Fox News - Big Story - Iraqi Prisoner Treatment
Fox News - Hannity&Colmes - Iraqi Prisoner Treatment
Fox News - Fox & Friends -
Interrogation Techniques
SBS - Australia - Insight
Backsite - 2 half hour segments. SERE Interrogation 
Local Philadelphia ABC, NBC and CBS News
Radio NPR - Morning Edition
NPR - Talk of The Nation
NPR - Steve Inskeep
NPR - All Things Considered
NPR - The Tavis Smiley Show
ABC - Sam Donaldson
Voice of America - Gary Thomas
WABC - New York - John Gambling Show
KROQ - Los Angeles
KISS 108 - Boston
WAAF - Boston - Eddie Webb
WKYW - Philadelphia
99X - Atlanta
BBC - Expert Analysis
KCMO - Kansas City
WLW - Cincinatti
WIBA - Madison
WTHK - New Jersey
KFMW - Des Moines
KDKA - Pittsburgh
WPXI - Pittsburgh
KCOL - Colorado
WGAN - Maine
Newspaper New York Times
USA Today  Saddam   Interrogation Gray Areas
The Observer (London)
Associated Press
Los Angeles Times
Chicago Tribune
Baltimore Sun
Army Times
Philadelphia Inquirer  Link 1   Link 2
Philadelphia Daily News
Arizona Daily Star
Patriot Ledger (Boston)
El Mundo
The Westerly Sun (Rhode Island)
Stars and Stripes (U.S. Military)
Magazine Details
Time (Pacific Edition)
Fitness Management
Electronic ABC News.Com - Intelligence Gathering
Salon.Com - Interrogation Techniques
Wired.Com - Polygraphs Don't Give True Story
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