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As Real as it gets...

Background TEAM DELTA is a professional, independent organization of highly trained former military personnel that takes pride in conducting exceptional training workshops and providing realistic military experiences - experiences that will stimulate and motivate participants to better understand themselves and how they perform as an individual as well as a member of a team.  Conceived in 1997, TEAM DELTA offers its programs to both the corporate and the civilian worlds. 
The Team
Delta Cadre
Team Delta's Cadre are highly trained and experienced in their respective fields including Special Operations, Military Intelligence, Basic Training, Infantry and Military Police. They share their considerable skills while challenging and supporting participants as they work through a program.
Attending A
All Team Delta programs are run  for corporations, associations and other groups.   Groups should contact Team Delta to schedule a date and develop a program to meet your needs. 
Safety Team Delta Cadre are trained in first aid and are dedicated to providing a safe and challenging experience. While the nature of such activities always carries an element of risk and uncertainty, everything Team Delta does is carefully planned to minimize real risk without diminishing the excitement of an active, adventurous challenge.  Learning how to effectively tackle the unknown and take part in challenging experiences with safety awareness, is a core benefit of any Team Delta program.
Who Can Participate? Most Team Delta   programs are open to men and women 18 years of age and older.  Exceptions are POW Interrogation where the minimum age is 21 and Teen Boot Camp which is open to teenagers age 13-17.  There is no set maximum age for participation in adult Team Delta programs.   If age is a concern for a participant (or for Team Delta), we will evaluate a person's ability to participate on an individual basis. 

We strongly recommend that anyone attending a Team Delta program clear their participation with their physician and we require participants to alert Team Delta, prior to attending, of any potential medical or psychological problems or conditions that might affect their ability to participate.

Staging Most programs occur at Camp Delta in either Eastern Pennsylvania or Central Georgia. Participants will receive an assigned time to rendezvous at the Philadelphia, Allentown or Atlanta airport. This time varies depending on the program. Participants may fly into the airport or drive to the airport and park. Team Delta will arrange ground transportation to Camp Delta. The participant pays their proportionate share of the ground transportation cost.

Extreme Interpersonal

Uniform of
the Day
Camouflage BDU's and combat boots are the general uniform for the day for programs conducted at Camp Delta or in the field. Uniform must be in new or like-new condition. Participants should bring a second uniform with them. POW Interrogation is the exception. Participants must wear sneakers. Team Delta will provide everything else.
Participants should be in good health and reasonably good physical condition. Participants are strongly urged to have a medical checkup prior to attending any Team Delta program. Participants in Boot Camp Fitness will participate in calisthenics, runs, forced marches and other strenuous physical activity. All programs include some calisthenics and physical activity. Team Delta understands that participants will have various levels of physical conditioning.   We do our best to work within those limitations.
Payment A 50% deposit is required with registration. Balance is due 14 days prior to the program start date. All deposits and fees are non refundable. If a participant cancels a program at least 21 days prior to the program start date, 75% of any moneys paid may be applied to future programs taken within one year of the original program date. If a participant finds it necessary to cancel a program reservation but can secure another participant to take his/her place, all fees, with no penalty, may be transferred to that participant. Payment may be made by check, money order, Master Card or Visa.
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