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The class has been the best work out class I have taken."

"It's a difficult class, but the instructors make it fun."

"The class works your entire body... including your mental endurance."

"No matter what your fitness level is today - tomorrow you will feel the results."

"The only fitness program that strengthens the body and the mind."

"If you decide to do this program - commit to it each and every day and you'll be proud of the results."

"Fitness, fun, and good healthy sweat. What else are you going to do at 6am?"

"Make it hurt Drill Sergeant, make it hurt!"

"I'm motivated to workout on my own now!"

"Somehow I became addicted to this program - It's a great challenge."

"This was the best way to push my body and come face-to-face with my weaknesses."

"I was afraid it wouldn't be challenging - wrong - as we got stronger, the exercises got more advanced."

"Great class! I've never pushed my body harder or have seen better results... all while having fun!"

"I never would have gotten this far without their [the Drill Instructors'] help."

"It's the best reason I've found to wake up in the morning!"

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