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Q: What is Team Delta Boot Camp Fitness?

A: Team Delta Boot Camp Fitness is a four-week, five day a week program of  proven military physical fitness training. Classes are led by a Team Delta Drill Sergeant, who is assisted by at least one additional instructor.  While classes are taught as a group, the Drill Sergeant or one of the instructors gives each student individual attention as needed.

Q: Where is Team Delta Boot Camp Fitness held?

A:  On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, Muscle-Failure classes are held at the Quincy Athletic Club, 100 Quincy Avenue, Quincy. Tuesday and Thursday  are Run-Days and generally take place on Wollaston Beach, but may vary based on the Drill Instructorsí class plans.

Q: When is Team Delta Boot Camp Fitness?

A: Morning classes run Monday thru Friday throughout the year from 6:00am-7:00am.

Q: How does it work? Is it ALL push-ups and sit-ups?

A: Team Delta Boot Camp Fitness uses a variety of time tested, high repetition military exercises that focus on increasing stamina and endurance. Classes alternate between muscle failure days and run days.  

Muscle failure refers to calisthenics where a participant pushes himself to do more repetitions than he thinks possible. Muscle failure builds strength and endurance.   

Runs vary between distance running and sprints and build cardiovascular power and endurance.  At the start of the program some participants are unable to run the entire length of distance runs.  Drill Instructors understand this and will work individually to build each student's running endurance.

Team Delta Boot Camp Fitness is for individuals looking to be pushed to the next level - to cut fat, tone muscles, increase energy, build endurance, maintain exercise discipline, or try something new.

Q: What do I get when I sign-up for Team Delta?

A: Each new participant is evaluated by the Army Physical Fitness Test.  Participants receive two Team Delta t-shirts, a canteen, free use of the facilities at the Quincy Athletic Club for the duration Team Delta Boot Camp Fitness, and four weeks of intense military fitness training.

Q: Will the Drill Instructors yell at me?

A: Yes, but only for the sake of encouraging you to reach your potential. No yelling is done to ridicule or humiliate. Most students find the Drill Instructors to be highly motivational, entertaining teachers who push them far beyond their pre-conceived fitness goals.

Q: How do I sign-up? Contact information?

A: Complete the registration form found in the Team Delta brochure and deliver it along with your payment at the front desk of the Quincy Athletic Club, 100 Quincy Avenue, Quincy MA. 

For a registration form, answers to further questions, to resolve concerns, or to pay by Master Card, Visa or American Express, call Team Delta at 617-462-6908 or our toll-free national number: 877-55-DELTA

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