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Drop and give me 20...

A fitness program designed for those requiring the "gentle urging" of hardcore Drill Instructors to keep them at it.

Experience military style physical training.  Four weeks of Calisthenics... In-Cadence Running... Grass Drills... Guerrilla Exercises....   A proven, organized system of exercises and drills designed to build fitness, endurance and agility.

Who: Civilians requiring motivation, discipline and fitness.  
What: Boot Camp Fitness taught by Team Delta Drill Instructors. 
When: Monday Thru Friday
0600 hrs - 0700 hrs
Next morning class starts October 6
New Evening class starts October 27
Where: Quincy Athletic Club On Boston's South Shore
100 Quincy Avenue, Quincy MA
Club Membership Not Required
Calisthenics: Includes basic military PT and boot camp agility and endurance building exercises like the Clapper, the Iron Mike and the Cobra.
Running: Some running every day.  Also, distance runs with the Drill Instructors leading the running cadences.
Fee: $299 for 4 weeks, 5 Days per Week
Maintenance: Participants who graduate Team Delta's Boot Camp Fitness Program are eligible to sign on for our ongoing maintenance programs at greatly reduced rates.


Team Delta is looking for Drill Instructors throughout the country to work a  Boot Camp Fitness Program in your area.  Positions are part time, mostly morning, between 0600 and 0800 hrs.  You must have military experience, be in excellent physical condition, present a military appearance and be familiar with military PT and Drill and Ceremony.   Preference given to former DI's and Master Fitness Instructors.  Contact Team Delta by phone or e-mail.

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For More Info or To Sign Up Call: 617-462-6908 or
877 55 DELTA

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