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As Real as it gets...

Team Delta participants complete an AAR (After Action Review) at the end of each program.  Here are some of their comments :

Overall impressions:

"After going through Team Delta's SERE program I joined the Navy.  As part of my training I went to Navy SERE school.  I probably wouldn't have graduated Navy SERE the first time if it hadn't been for Team Delta's training."
"One of the key signs of a really effective simulation is that you find yourself acting and feeling as if you're in a real situation rather than simulated one - even though, just intellectually, you remain aware that it's a simulation.  For me, the Team Delta program achieved this level of psychological reality."  Professor and Military Historian, PhD
"I commend you and your team on a first-rate job. For me, it was an intense and memorable experience."
"The Team Delta programs have all made a lasting impression on me. They are psychological journeys for me, and this one was more so than the earlier ones. Team Delta has come to understand dimensions of my personality that very few people are allowed to see but that I need to explore."
"The Team Delta POW Interrogation Program has been one of the most powerful experiences of my life. The outside world goes away and I am powerless with just my feelings and fears."
"I think that your product is conceived, planned and executed in an outstanding manner. It is something in which all of the staff may take a great measure of pride. My congratulations to all of you."

"Everything was professional and top rate."

"I enjoyed the experience thoroughly."
"Surreal, intense. The instructors know how to push a man to his limit, yet they are expertly skilled and ultimately safe."
"It was an extraordinary event for me.  Shocking, terrifying and exactly what I was looking for."
"When friends ask for my overall impression, I respond 'fucking awesome'."
Will you be returning for another Team Delta Program?
"My impressions of Team Delta are very positive. Everything was done professionally and efficiently. I'm definitely interested in some further programs."
"Wild horses could not have kept me away."
"Without a doubt."
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