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Two Programs:
Professional and Overview
Team Delta’s offers two Interrogator’s Workshops.

The Professional Workshop is designed for law enforcement, security personnel and other professionals interested in learning or improving interrogation techniques used on the job.   This program, taught by trained military intelligence interrogators,   focuses on classroom instruction reinforced by practical exercises.

The Overview Workshop provides a day of interrogation by the Cadre (One day of our standard POW Interrogation program) followed by instruction in the same techniques that participant have undergone at the hands of Team Deltas’ trained interrogators. The workshop portions include class instruction and role-playing, providing the opportunity to put into practice the techniques learned in each class.

Blocks of instruction for both programs cover:

  • Planning and Preparation: Determining what information needs to be extracted from the source and the most effective ways to obtain it.
  • Approaches:  Various techniques to get someone to talk. Which approaches work best with which sources under which conditions.
  • Body Language:   Reading body language to see whether the source is lying and to develop what approaches to take with source.
  • Questioning Techniques:  Learning structured questioning methods information won’t be lost and all pertinent questions will be asked. Maintaining a time line of events to track the source’s responses and to verify his truthfulness and accuracy.
  • Termination:   Reinforcing the initial approach used at the start of the interrogation as well as setting up the source with the right mentality so they will continue to talk in the future, either with you or another interrogator.
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Camp Delta in either Eastern Pennsylvania or Central Georgia
Other locations available
Program Fee:
Professional $995
Overview  $895
Minimum group: 
8 Participants
See the April 99 Details Magazine feature article on one person's POW experience at the hands of Team Delta.
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