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Building Success
For A Lifetime...
Building on the time tested techniques used to select and develop America's fighting leaders, from Valley Forge to Desert Storm, Team Delta's Practical Leadership Course arms participants with the tools needed to become effective leaders - team builders who get the job done. Skills that last a lifetime - invaluable in career and personal growth.

Team Delta's Practical Leadership Course focuses on doing. No tedious textbooks. No long-winded lectures. We show how to lead, then allow participants to lead... to apply and experiment with what they have learned. Along the way participants:

  • Learn how to build a winning team.

  • Earn greater respect from superiors, peers and

  • Accomplish the mission AND take care of their

  • Discover their strengths and weaknesses as a

  • Establish what a leader should be, know and do.

  • Raise confidence in their own abilities.

  • Set and achieve realistic yet challenging goals.

  • Handle time and resources more effectively.

  • Inspire and motivate those around you.

  • Progress and grow in character, body and spirit.

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Camp Delta in either Eastern Pennsylvania or Central Georgia
Other locations
Program Dates:
Please call for available dates.  Team Delta will do our best to work to your schedule.
Program Fee:
Minimum group: 
16 Participants
Team Delta's Practical Leadership Course forms the basic structure for custom team building and leadership programs developed to meet specific goals of Team Delta’s Corporate Clients.
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