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SERE  Team Delta is looking for a few good prisoners...
New for 2004 - Team Delta's POW Interrogation Resistance Program has been expanded to four days and will begin Thursday late afternoon or early evening and continue through to Sunday afternoon.  The program will include a briefing setting forth the program and the best ways to handle its various aspects. Then participants will be divided into teams and assigned a local mission to be
completed prior to the start of
Resistance Training.

Team Delta’s Prisoner of War Interrogation Resistance Program is very similar to the Resistance portion of SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape) School, where special ops personnel are trained to survive in the event they are ever captured behind enemy lines.  While operating within a tightly controlled and supervised environment, this program assumes the participants are prisoners of an enemy of the United States that does not observe the rules of the Geneva Convention.

This is Team Delta’s toughest  and most challenging program. Team Delta’s trained interrogators use their considerable skills to extract information from participants. During the program participants: get little or no sleep;  are extremely uncomfortable; are under great emotional and physical stress; and are pushed to their individual physical and psychological limits.

Whether or not a participant breaks (provides the secret information provided prior to the start of the program), and most military personnel going through similar training do eventually break, each participant comes through the program not only with an extremely memorable experience, but with a much better understanding of himself and with pride in his ability to persevere through an extremely arduous and challenging ordeal.

Camp Delta in Eastern

Program Fee:
$1,395 plus Thursday night lodging and food expenses.  $45 fee for incidental expenses

Minimum Group Size: 
8 Participants

Maximum Group Size:
16 Participants

Read the April 99
Details Magazine article on one person's Team Delta POW experience.
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