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Get a jump start on being all that you can be.
Not to be confused with correctional boot camps designed for youths at risk, Team Delta's Teen Boot Camp, staffed by Team Delta Drill Instructors, targets teenagers either seriously interested in pursuing a military career or those looking for a challenging summer adventure. 

Team Delta's Teen Boot Camp offers the same intense basic training as Adult Basic Training, but focuses on developing the skills, motivation and discipline needed to excel in actual military training... or in life in general.

Starting at 0400 hours, Day One, Team Delta's in-your-face Drill Instructors will put you through your paces. Drive you to excel. Build your strength and your confidence. Teach you basic military skills. Team Delta's Boot Camp includes eight to nine very full days of:

  • Physical Training: Running, calisthenics, etc. Participants' current physical conditioning will be taken into consideration, but it will also be improved.
  • Drill and Ceremony: Marching, facing movements, manual of arms. You will know your left from your right.

  • Inspections: Barracks and uniform.

  • Common Skills Tasking: General knowledge classes all soldiers must know: reaction to fire, first aid, voice commands over radio, etc.

  • Confidence and Team Building: Confidence course, trust fall, team projects.

  • Basic Infantry Tactics: Patrols, defensive perimeters, ambushes, movement formations, etc.   Teen boot camp includes a practical exercise of Paint Ball War Games.

  • Hand to Hand Combat

  • Raids and Recon

  • Graduation

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North of Dallas
Program Dates:
To be announced.
Program Fee:
$1,475 for 2 Weeks
There is nothing virtual in Team Delta's brand of reality.  Leave your keyboard at home!
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