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As real as it gets without live rounds...
Learn and execute the same combat tactics used by the Light Infantry, Rangers and Special Forces. Participants are divided into opposing forces and trained by Team Delta's experienced cadre. Utilizing small unit tactics, each force conducts a variety of offensive and defensive missions designed to put the skills they have learned into practice.

War Games / Battle Tactics programs are conducted both at Camp Delta in Eastern Pennsylvania and in cooperation with regional Paint Ball Facilities throughout the United States. During two and three day programs participants will bivouac with the Team Delta Cadre at the Paint Ball Facility and participate in 24 hour field operations.

Trainees will receive instruction in and perform:

Troop Leading Procedures: Receive and issue orders, plan missions, inspect and prepare troops and equipment, execute missions.

Basic Patrol Techniques: Signals and formations for moving and controlling troops in a combat environment, map reading and land navigation.

Advanced Patrol Techniques: Movement to contact, essentials of fire and movement, employment of fire teams, withdrawal under fire, rallying and regrouping.

Base Operations: Patrol Base setup, hasty fighting positions, fields and sectors of fire, alternate positions, light, noise and litter discipline, field expedient early warning devices.

Combat Operations: Raids, ambushes, clear and secure operations, reconnaissance, sniper techniques, harassment and interdiction operations.

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 Regional U.S. paint ball facilities.

These programs are sponsored by local paint ball facilities.  Have your facility contact us to set up a program in your area.

Program Dates:
1-3 Days
Program Fee:
$50-$95 per day plus Paint Ball Facility's charge.
Minimum group: 
48 Participants
Bring Team Delta to your favorite Paint Ball Field.  Contact us for details.
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